SOFT DAO seeks SOFT Core Teams


The SOFT DAO seeks long-term engagements with qualified Core Teams to support crypto tools.


Applicants should provide a detailed proposal including:

  • Specific deliverables: what will the Core Team do?
  • Timeline for deliverables: when will this happen?
  • Qualifications: why is this team the best choice?
  • Alignment: how will both the Core Team and the DAO win?


The DAO votes on Core Team applications. If an application is approved, the Core Team must execute a Core Team Agreement with the DAO to become a Core Team. Core Team Agreements enshrine the Core Team’s responsibilities.


Once approved, the Core Team is responsible to operate as identified in its Core Team Agreement.

The SOFT DAO provides Core Teams:

  • Token grants, swaps, or loans, potentially subject to vesting
  • Public endorsement of Core Team status
  • Guidance on primitives and standards
  • Access to SOFT forums


While the DAO can steward on-chain primitives and manage its treasury directly, it cannot directly manage off-chain crypto tools, which must move at a pace faster than on-chain DAO governance.

Therefore the SOFT DAO must partner with focused teams to build and operate these tools. The SOFT DAO foresees opportunities for Core Teams in these and other categories:

  • Sale platforms and launchpads
  • Exchanges and trading venues
  • Legal and compliance
  • Design, marketing, and public relations
  • Software development and auditing
  • Crypto protocol development and auditing

Hello! there is still an opportunity to get into the dao team

Yes there will be, plans are in the works to propose expanding governance to the wider community


Thanks, Nick! I would like to join) my nickname is discord: クゼ ヒデオ#2518

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Hi Nick! I read the post. I have experience with DAO. I would be happy to join the DAO team. My discord: Oleksandr#6313

ready to work in the project evaluation and community relations department

Nick hello) tell me will be able to join you in the DAO? If so, I’d be very happy to. СаняПашевич#8116

Hello, i’m ready!) and want to join. My discord: penj13#6279

Hi, Nick and SOFT DAO :grin:
i have been waiting for good news and im great to participate your project


Would love to join as well BT1#3024

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WOW WOW :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:
I followed from Discord.

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Hello! there is still an opportunity to get into the dao team

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The idea as a whole sounds very intriguing!
We hope all this will be implemented and maintained in the best possible way!

Just go ahead! Decentralization must survive and defeat everyone! :slight_smile:

Hello Nick. It’s me) I can help community and team. I have been started few months ago and want to continue. Best regards Skroznikov I Milites :unlock:#3752

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Hey DAO members :slight_smile:

What about doxxed applicants ? i didn’t see anything about that? or maybe i missread ?
i think it is very important to have a doxxed team to get more trust in the project.


Hey guys. Well, everything sounds reasonable, now I guess we need a list of Core teams so we can chose the best one. I hope soon we’ll have a chance to take a look at applications and to make our decision.

Yes, all core team applicants would be doxxed, imo there would be no benefit or upside to working with an anon core team


Hello Nick , I’m ready work and want to join.
My discord: McZKMW#3423

Hello Hello Hello Hello

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Hello Nick, I read the post. I have experience with DAO.We will grow together.
My discord: Bkxoxo1#4142

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