Call to Action: Signers needed for Multi-Sig

For the sake of mutual interest and transparency - and in an effort to best distribute responsibility to the community - it would be best to have an initial set of project supporters.

Post your Discord username and $ETH address below, some credentials or why you’d like to help and a multi-sig can be set up to manage some initial funds as well as basic contract deployments.


hi - is there more information about the project anywhere?


hi numbers - welcome!

Additional info re: proposals and metrics will be posted here, you’re in the right place (and still early) :sunglasses:


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hi Nick! This is Zeldris. I would like to be a part of this as I am happy to help always. This is because you and the whole Tokensoft team treat the community with friendlly manners and respect all the tine. That’s why I would be really happy to be of help as much as I can.

My discord username is: Zeldris#5001

and this is my ETH address



I’d like to join as signer. I sign for several multisigs for various things and will show up to check and sign things (not always obvious amonst multisigs).

In addition, I am a big fan of the Tokensoft team and community.

Discord: Colin#1280
ETH Address: 0x8Ef43179eA4D257E6C748189b42B189C45471055


hello Nick, I’m Lucian,
I’m passionate about crypto, and I like how Tokensoft’s development is going, and I’d like to help.
I’m ambassador, moderator and test net node runner (until I didn’t get more experience for mainnets)
I speak 3 languages: Romanian, Russian and English. now I started to learn Dutch
Discord: Lucian#1234
Eth addr: 0xa9D369a8211875cfF0e3098f2Ff3a0CCEb076D6a


Hey Nick !
What a great news on wednesday evening it selv ! :slight_smile:

Im very grateful for having an opportunity to be a an early supporter (as a signer/free volunteer/contributor/translator/ambassador/mode or just Gang booster ! :star_struck:) and use all my skills to help growing our lovely Softies-community :green_heart:

I´ve been here from day 1, waiting for something like this !:slight_smile:
I hope i will get a chance to prove u and the core team - that my services can be useful and that I am one to trust ( It is still my real name and photo on my profile, so I do care about my reputation in crypto space)

My eth wallet adressse is : 0x933652847edfbc5defba238697ebbcd67a6ea1ee
My discord name (still the same, since day 1 :smiley: ) : said_xamza | Tokensoft #5667


Hi Nick!) This is Dmitry.

This is just great news!
I am in the middle of the night, but I hurry to express my joy to you and the whole team. I would love to be a part of your community and be of service. I have been with you for a very long time and have been following the development of the project, and you might have noticed me on Discord.
I’m a responsible person and I’m sure that my skills will help develop the community.
I can act in different roles: as a signer, translator, ambassador, in general I am a versatile fighter :sunglasses: and easily learn something new, so you can rely on me.
If you give me a chance, I can prove it in practice.

My Discord nickname: DMITRY KARPUSHKIN#2404 (this is my real first and last name)
My ETH wallet: 0xaAE4B976655579361C899eb79a6dD5a0d3C3FA2e


My name is Artem. I have experience using multisig. I am ready to be a responsible signatory of SOFT DAO. I am one of the first users of token soft, and from the very beginning I see the tremendous work that you have done. It is the best product, the best team and community, and in the future it is also the best DAO.

Discord: ArtemTsymbalyuk#3472


Hi Nick! This is Fid.#7903. One of the Early Supporter of Tokensoft. Really thankful to be part of this community and will always support. One of the best team and community I ever had. I do really wish to be included in the upcoming Multisig. Hope you consider me! Thank you!

Discord Id : Fid.#7903
Eth Address : 0x7f3DB8af806315531d7C14B35f4af1DF78F887E0


Hi Nick!

Discord: @NativoDave | Tokensoft Inc#7023

ETH Address: 0x3160bD8e2bBD1a8D1f64fA94667f0332dFDCa2F0

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Hi Nick,

As an early supporter of tokensoft V1 and now V2, i will be proud to participate in this new sort of DAO.
i participate in all softernet round except 1 (hehe vacations ;))
You can count on me if you need me!

And keep up the good and the great work you are doing!

Discord Username: dwrz13#8281
ETH Address: 0x47D794e5F534f8442030f4F4C7513c9CE144B4aE


Hello Nick :handshake:
Hello community :metal:
Happy to join.
My enthusiasm for cryptospace is getting stronger and stronger every day. Scro it won’t be just enthusiasm.
My role: signer, translator, ambassador, tester, article writer. The most important thing is that I have a desire to be a member of the community and do everything to develop the project.
I will live here :sweat_smile:

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Tokensoft OG. Huge supporter of everyone at TS. It has been an honor to be in this community since the beginning. Compliance is key. I hope you will consider me.

Discord id: thegoodsteph#2774
Eth Address: 0xE049bD3BCe9Db6fe1CB8eC95CaEB73e69Ed6d443



I hope you will support my role and i will be happy to participate in SOFT DAO.

Language: German, English, Ukrainian, Russian

Discord: renoip#7557
Telegram: @pioner
Twitter: renoipgp
0xA27F6a138a98D250451C368cf977359609BaB8aB or renoip.eth
I’ve been following the project from beginning and tried to participate in all ICO and testnets
I would be happy to help the project in any way I can.
Have a good day!


hello sers. I am happy to offer my services as a multi-sig signer if this so pleases the SOFT DAO. I am a long-term supporter of Tokensoft, have even read the code, and think the team is pretty great despite them being super soft. I am very good at signing things, and always read before signing. I have a plethora of new Ledgers and can dedicate a new one for signing if that is preferable to my worn and torn address below; you only need to request and I will do so.

all the best,

Discord: barbzilla#1704


I have experience with multisig signatures and have used TokenSoft many times for sales. I have also participated in testnet.

Languages: Japanese, English
Discord: kawa#4257
Twitter: @river_v3


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Hello Nick. My name is Maksym. I have been following Tokensoft for a long time, participated in sales, won an allocation for Moonwell and Paysenger. Also participated in the testnet. I like this community and follow how the project develops, and I want to be a part of it.
I speak the following languages: Ukrainian, Russian, Polish